At Aabybro Mejeri (Aabybro Dairy) we work closely together creating high-quality products based on traditional Danish manufacturing methods and standards. We care about details and know that high-quality products are worth waiting for…and it all shows in the taste of our products!

We carefully select our ingredients and make sure they are of the finest quality as we aim to give the customer an unforgettable taste experience.

We have specialized in making traditional dairy ice cream using real cream which we get from a part of Denmark called Vendsyssel. Apart from ice cream, we also make butter and two different kinds of cheese

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When you choose to visit Aabybro Dairy, it is much more than just a dairy you come to. The good atmosphere and presence can be felt immediately when you enter the dairy sales. Here you can find cheeses, ice cream and good products.

If you want to experience more, you can be lucky to go for a ride around the dairy, be allowed to see the car collection, and go for a walk to the monument of the energy-efficient ice cream, and last but not least, there is also Café Privaten.

Here you can taste a good Belgian waffle with ice cream, softice, or good old-fashioned ice-cream parlors. There is always something to experience at Aabybro Dairy, and is the weather for it, take a trip to the little harbor that the dairy has build.

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