At Aabybro Dairy we are convinced that good ice cream requires good raw materials. Our RYÅ IS is made of Danish fresh cream and added all the good ingredients. We use Danish cream and cane sugar, genuine bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, hand picked strawberries and boil our own nougat of sugar, almonds and Belgian chocolate with a high cocoa content (56%). We stick to the old traditions that have been used on the dairy, and therefore the production of RYÅ IS is a slow process. We are therefore involved in all phases of the manufacturing process - from cream to freezer. We receive the flow early in the morning and start making RYÅ IS immediately. We stir the sugar and vanilla in the cream and add the remaining ingredients. For example, it may be strawberries, hazelnuts or marcipan - depending on the ice to be produced. There will thus be a few hours from receiving the flow until the ice mass is ready. We let the freshly made ice pulp rest on the cold overnight to get the rich taste forward. The next morning we will freeze the ice cream and mold ice-cream cakes or pack it in environmentally friendly packaging.


Our product range includes cream icecream, sorbet, ice cream cakes (wedding cakes and specialty cakes), light ice (sugarfree), portionware, fromager, buttermilk ice cream, ice cream and ice cream. All our ice cream is developed in cooperation with locals, dieticians and the chefs who make their ice cream on the dairy.

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