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To ensure the high quality of our ice cream we take part in the entire production process – from fresh cream to frozen dairy ice cream.

In the name of quality, we also select our ingredients very carefully. A high-quality ice cream requires high-quality ingredients.

We make no compromises when it comes to quality. We only use fresh Danish cream and Danish beet sugar, even though the use of beet sugar means that RYÅ IS ice cream can’t be eaten directly from the freezer, but has to defrost for a while before serving. On the other hand this also means that the ice cream can stay out for longer than other ice creams before melting.

We make our own nougat from sugar and almonds, we use Belgian chocolate with a high content of cocoa (56%), we use real Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar and of course we use hand-picked strawberries.

Fresh cream gets delivered to the dairy every morning, so we can create a fresh batch of RYÅ IS ice cream.

First we mix sugar and vanilla with the cream and then we add the remaining ingredients. It could for instance be either strawberries, hazelnuts or marzipan – all depending on the type and flavor of the ice cream.

In this way, the cream we use is always fresh and it only takes a few hours from the cream being delivered to us till we have an ice cream mass.

We then leave the freshly made ice cream mass to set over night achieving a rich creamy taste. Next morning we are ready to freeze the ice cream mass. We form the ice cream gateaux and wrap them in environmentally friendly packaging.