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How to find us 2017-10-23T18:36:15+00:00

Visit our dairy shop and taste the wide selection of cheese we have in store and feel free to taste before you decide to buy.

We have more than 100 items in store.

In the summer, you can buy our low-fat buttermilk soft serve cones or visit our mobile ice cream shop.


Hope to see you,

N.H. Lindhardt

Aabybro Mejeri (Aabybro Dairy) – RYÅ IS Ice Cream
Brogaardsvej 148
DK-9440 Aabybro
Phone: +45 98 241004
Fax: +45 98 244566

The Dairy Shop is open
Monday – Thursday: 7.00-17.00
Friday: 7.00-18.00
Saturday: 7.00-13.00
Sundays / holidays: Closed