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luftfotoOur family took over Aabybro Mejeri (Aabybro Dairy) in 1968. But the dairy is one of Denmark’s oldest and was founded 125 years ago, back in 1888.

Like many other dairies, Aabybro Mejeri (Aabybro Dairy) was founded by farms in the surrounding area as a co-operative dairy. The Dairy was built near the Danish creek Ryå, so the water from the creek could be used to cool the milk. Back then, the production consisted of cheese, milk and butter sold both locally and exported.

With much larger dairy companies shooting up and small dairy businesses shutting down, Aabybro Mejeri (Aabybro Dairy) decided to rethink their product range. Instead, we began producing dairy ice cream, but sticking to old traditional manufacturing methods and standards.

Today, we have no doubt that we made the right choice specializing in dairy ice cream and we have developed a wide selection of ice cream in tubs and ice cream gateaux. 3generationer






Photos from a regular day at Aabybro Mejeri