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SmoerOur butter is made from real soured cream and gets churned in old-style churns.

It gets wrapped in 250 gram packages in our classic silver-colored foil with a drawing of Aabybro Mejeri (Aabybro Dairy).

We also deliver our old-fashioned churned butter for catering. The butter then gets packed in rolls and is distributed to hotels, restaurants and caters. We also make a Gourmet butter with special high-quality salt from the Danish island Læsø. We won the Danish Dairy Board’s Gourmet Award for this product.

Two types of cheese are also part of our product range. A smoked cheese from full-cream milk smoked over oat straw and a small buttermilk cheese with caraway seeds. Butter from Aabybro Mejeri can be purchased from most caterers and in selected stores.